Please notice that Telegram4MQL is not further developed. Please see the successor project under

Telegram 4 MQL is a .NET library that brings all the possibilities from the well known Telegram Messenger to Metatrader. With the help of the Telegram Bot feature you will be able to send and receive messages with ease right from within your existing Expert Advisor MQL code.

Sample use cases of that might be for example:

  • Get a notification whenever an expert advisor makes a trade.
  • Receive scheduled messages with screenshots of the charts on your screen.
  • Remotely instruct your expert advisor to go out of a trade.

Why Telegram? Telegram is a popular alternative to the big players on the market like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Signal and further more. But Telegram was the first that offered such a feature rich interface to start communication via bots. Until now the interface got mature, a lot more feature rich and is still growing. That is why Telegram was the choice to automate Metatrader Expert Advisors.